2004 Hall of Honor Inductees



Edna Butler served Bethany Public Schools approximately 30 years as a teacher. She taught "social studies" and every student that graduated from Bethany High school took history under Mrs. Butler. Many students have said she made history come to life for them.

Her daughter, LaVonna Jolliff graduated from Bethany High School in 1955 as well as twelve nieces and nephews. Mrs. Butler made a significant difference in the life of her students. She is constantly remembered during class reunions and alumni functions as a teacher, friend, and mentor to many students.




Dr. Leon Gilbert, community leader, has served Bethany Public Schools over fifty years and counting. There are many times he stepped forward out of his busy schedule to give his time and resouces, and to be a part of his community. There are many projects he championed over the years. His two sons, Jimmy and Jerry Gilbert, graduated from Bethany High School in 1962.




 Leonard C. Harper graduated from Bethany High School in 1939. He gave 45 years of service of his 59 years to Bethany Public Schools as student, teacher, coach, principal, and superintendent.

His daughter, Peggy (1966) and grandson, Preston Simms (2001) graduated from Bethany High School. Mr. Harper loved the City of Bethany and Bethany Public Schools. He "pioneered" the relationship the school district enjoys today with the Children's Center.




Dr. Harry Macrory gave 40 years of service to the community of Bethany. He was Bethany's first City Manager, started the YMCA and was the first postman to carry a mail route in Bethany.

His son Bryan Macrory (1966), daughter Claudia Rousselle (1969) and grandchildren Bohn Macrory (1987), Adrienne Rousselle (1996) and Reece Rousselle (2001) all graduated from Bethany High School. His grandson, Daniel Macrory and great-grandson Christian Hagood both attended Bethany Schools.