2005 Hall of Honor Inductees



Charles is a 1957 graduate of Bethany High School. He has been involved in education for nearly 40 years as a science teacher, coach, and administrator. He has worked for Oklahoma City Public Schools, Putnam City Public Schools, and Rose State College. After his retirement from education and Energy Ed Systems, he joined the administration team of Bethany Public Schools, as Director of Operations.
 Charles was married to Judie Martin Kimbrough. He has two daughters, Shari Parish and Denise Kimbrough, a teacher at Bethany High School.


Shannon is a 1960 graduate of Bethany High School. She is one of the first female astronauts. Shannon flew five missions and holds the women’s record for time in space.
 Kelley Olson, a student from Bethany stated, “Shannon is not only a famous Oklahoman but also a leader with class and value! She is the kind of person that gives hope to girls like me; she is a girl who became extremely successful from a town like Bethany! Shannon Lucid is a positive example in my very own community as well as a famous Oklahoman.”




Mr. Taylor was Superintendent of Bethany Public Schools for 18 years from 1931-1948. Mr. Taylor was the founder of Special Education for the State of Oklahoma and served as the State Director of Special Education for 18 years. He also served as the National President of the State Directors of Special Education Association.
 Mr. Taylor’s granddaughter, Kathy Cypert Brown, is a teacher at Earl Harris Elementary School.