2008 Hall of Honor Inductees





Earl Harris was was teacher and principal of Earl Harris Elementary School for 36 years from 1925 to 1961. He was a dedicated and caring advocate of children and a mentor to many. He was a pioneer in our public schools.

Mr. Harris was the volunteer fire chief of Bethany, served as mayor and was active in the Chamber of Commerce and other civic affairs representing the public school. Earl Harris dedicated his life to the growth and development of Bethany Public Schools.

Ear Harris had two daughters, two nieces, and two great nieces who were twelve year club members of Bethany Public Schools. His love of children made him counselor, mentor and a true friend to three generations. It is fitting that the elementary school was named in his honor.




After graduating as co-valedictorian of her class in 1956 at Bethany High School, Dr. Long successfully pursued a degree in education and administration. She eventually returned to her Alma Mater as a High School Counselor. During her 20 years of service to Bethany Public Schools, Dr. Long served as Middle School Principal and Elementary Principal. She was in charge of the Drug-Free Education Program; head of the Curriculum Committee and oversaw the Gifted Program.

Dr. Long and Bethany Public Schools are entwined. She has supported and represented the school in the highest manner. She is trusted by students, parents, staff and community business leaders. She worked to promote the school image of "excellence" and still believes Bethany is the "best". In September of 1990 she was the first woman to join the Bethany Kiwanis Club which has proven to be very beneficial to Bethany Public Schools.

Dr. Long continues to promote and support Bethany Public Schools. She has assumed the responsiblity of Grant Writer for the Bethany Public Schools Foundation. She seeks donations from organizations for the Foundation. The Foundation offers grants for teachers at Bethany Public Schools. We are fortunate to have Dr. Long to follow her heart when it matters at Bethany Public Schools.