2009 Hall of Honor Inductees




Chris Chamberlain is the youngest person ever inducted into the BPS Hall of Honor.  Chris served on the first Hall of Honor selection committee as a class officer.  He made every effort to fulfill his roll on the committee.

Chris was also an outstanding high school athlete leading the Bethany High School football team to the 2003 state championship and receiving All State honors.

Upon graduation from Tulsa University, Chris was drafted into the NFL by the St. Louis Rams.  He made the team and played in 15 of 16 games in the 2008 season. 

Even though fame has found Chris, he still takes his time to return to Bethany and give of his time to BPS students. 




Janis Dawson was a 1963 graduate of Bethany High School.  She has won numerous state and national awards as a singer and director.  Her life has been a musical success story.  She has been nominated for the national Music Teachers Hall of Fame.

Janis was voted Outstanding Vocal Music Student at BHS.  She attended SNU and in 1967 was not only voted the Outstanding Vocal Music Student but also the outstanding Female Graduate.

Janis has had a 30 plus year career as a high school music teacher.  her choirs won an unprecedented 21 straight State Sweepstakes awards.  This is the highest honor in choir competition.

Currently Janis serves as the leader of the class of 1963 as a class coordinator and helps plan thier socials and reunions.  Janis directs many of the alumni groups and choirs.  She also volunteers in the high school choir area. 



Betty Nichols began working at Bethany Public Schools in the Child Nutrition Department.  She worked as a pastry cook for one and one-half years.  She then applied for and was accepted as the high school principal's secretary where she worked for 20 years.  She finished the last 10 years of service for Bethany as the Activity Fund Secretary/H.S. Counselor's Secretary.

Betty brought honor to Bethany Public Schools in many ways.  She was the first line of defense and the first person that people talked with so she basically represented the school every phone call she took.  She was a true professional.  Parents knew they could trust her.  She always had a smile and an ecouraging word for every student that came into the office.

Betty gave 31 1/2 years of her life to the school.  She had an influence and impact on all of the lives that she touched on a daily basis.  Betty is a perfect example of a true Broncho.  It has been said the secretary is the "heart" of the school.  That statement rings true when Mrs. Nichols was the secretary at Bethany High School.