Broncho Beat - 10/27/2017




We want parents to be involved at Earl Harris Elementary. The best way for parents to be involved is to be informed. This newsletter will be released weekly to update parents of current events at our school including reminders, updates, and event information. It will usually be sent out every Friday each week. I hope you look forward to receiving this weekly bit of information, and I hope it will help you stay involved in your child’s school. Any announcements that include an attachment will have the attachment listed in “Parentheses”.




We are not going to have students wear costumes to school for Halloween. Therefore, please have your student(s) dress in normal school attire this Tuesday, October 31st.




Bethany Schools are now using new email addresses. Instead of, now it will be the staff member’s first initial last name For example, As we make this transition, we are experiencing minor issues in sending and receiving emails. If you have emailed a staff member and not received a response in a reasonable time, please call the school to make sure the email was received. We hope to have any issues resolved as soon as possible.




Parents, please make sure to put names in jackets and hoodies. Just a reminder as students take their coats and hoodies off throughout the day, if they happen to leave them behind, with their name in it, we can get their belongings back to them.




Our Bethany Police Department is holding a Toy Drive now through December 13th. Please bring NEW unwrapped toys to your student’s classroom. The class that has the most toys, will get a pizza party with some of our Bethany Police Officers. Thanks for helping!






Due to limited parking at the Elementary School, we ask that parents park either in the Elementary parking lot (very limited space) or park across the street at Bethany First Church of the Nazarene and walk over. We have crossing guards in both the morning and afternoon to help you and your child cross the street. This is very important during events such as Roundup each Friday. Please DO NOT park in the High School parking lot. Students are assigned parking spots and you will be blocked in by their cars. 






Due to limited seating in the cafeteria, we now have tables available against the south wall for parents to eat with their students during lunch time.






In an effort to protect our carpets, we are asking that parents only send water for student parties and snacks. We also encourage every student to bring a water container each day to keep on their desk.




We have a policy that students must be fever free without medication, without diarrhea, and without vomiting for 24 hours before returning to school. For example, if a student goes home sick on Monday with a fever, the earliest they could return to school would be Wednesday. This ensures that students have an opportunity to fully recover while also preventing illness from spreading to other students. We appreciate your help in doing everything we can to keep our children well.




Please check your child’s bag each Thursday for information and flyers. This is another very important form of communication with parents.




A picture is worth a thousand words. We have an Instagram account at Bethany Elementary. Follow us at “bethanybroncho” to receive picture updates of the great things our students are doing.






In general, we do not allow students to have electronics during school hours. At times, teachers make exceptions to this for inside recess, rewards in class, or for learning activities. We have become aware of games that are being played that may not be age appropriate based on the rating system used for these types of games. For example any game which is rated 12+ would not be appropriate. We ask that you join us in talking to your children about making good decisions about the games they choose to play, so we can continue to allow them to use these devices as rewards. We appreciate your help with this!






If your child is absent from school, please make sure to call the attendance line to let us know why they are absent so we can update their attendance. For the PreK and Kindergarten call the Early Childhood Center (ECC) at 499-4645. The number for 1st-5th grade is 405-499-4623. It may be helpful to create a contact in your phone with this number.




We give Broncho Brands to students being their Broncho best. This is a system of rewarding students for being “Ready, Responsible and Respectful”. Each day we will announce the students who were caught being their Broncho Best from the previous day. Those students will be featured in a PowerPoint that day. All recipients will also have an opportunity to win a special reward with the Principal. Be sure to congratulate your child for receiving a Broncho Brand!


Samantha Sword

Mary Hoisington

Griffin Looper

Kent Brooks

Nora Schenk

Sammuel Johnson

Kaycie Owens

Erick Avila

Antonio Hernandez

Caroy Smith

Ben Sailer

Caleb Cobb

Alex Hernandez


Coleton McCann

Hattie Mae Adkins

Gabby Shaw

Londyn Jaggers

Annalucia Velasco

Ava League

Gregory Parker

Chase Clanton

Corbyn Eccles

Jaclynn Hull

Taleigh McCoy

Giuliana Serna

Arynn Lillegaard

Gracee Geissler

Juliette Pinzon

Erial Baine

Ashton Bokis

Hannah Kreeb

Sylvia Nielsen

Cooper Austin

Sawyer Yates

Dylan Warwick

Maddison McNutt

Grae Johnson

Kylie Rowe

Khourtney Kirklin

Charlie Tolle

Matthew Wilson

Andrew Taber

Lillinee Newman




We would like to remind parents that students can be dropped off at school beginning at 7:30. Breakfast is served from 7:30-7:50. If your child eats breakfast, you should try to drop them off closer to 7:30 to give them plenty of time to eat their full breakfast. All students report to the cafeteria and will be released to class at 7:45.




It is important for your child to arrive at school with plenty of time for them to prepare for the start of class. Please try to drop them off as close to 7:45 as possible each day and remember to account for time you may have to wait in the car line. If you drop your child off after 8:00, you will need to come into the school with them and check them in at the entrance/exit office. The Early Childhood Center only has the one entrance throughout the day. We appreciate your help with this.




When picking up your 1st – 5th grader in the afternoon, we are having the students all wait in the same area around the main entrance in a line with their grade level. You will notice that we have painted the curb in this area purple. Please wait to pick up your child until your car has reached the purple curb. This allows us to better watch the children as they wait for their rides and ensure that everyone is entering their cars safely. If you ever have a change in pickup plans, please make sure to communicate that with your child before dropping them off at school in the morning.




Children deserve happiness, but sometimes that happiness can be derailed by death, divorce, deployment, incarceration, or other traumatic loss. Bethany Earl Harris Elementary is offering FREE 6-week grief support groups in our school. The sessions are scheduled by the school counselor and led by a trained Calm Waters facilitator. For more information, please contact Karma Hance, school counselor, at 499-4613 or




We are starting our Let’s Get Fit calendar for the month of October. This is a fitness calendar to remind us to be active at home. To complete the calendar the student must participate in 4 activity days each month and circle the ones completed. This is in an addition to any activities the student is already participating in. When the calendar has been completed at the end of the month a parent must sign it and the student must turn it into Mrs. Wright or Coach Sailer by the first of the next month. Each participant will get a fitness chain and a charm for every month the calendar is completed, their name on the Let’s Get Fit Club bulletin board and their name in a drawing for a prize. Remember, let’s stay active and Let’s Get Fit! See the attached “Get Fit Calendar” to print off.




Our next Indian Ed will be Wednesday, November 1st from 3:00-4:00.




2017-2018 All Color Yearbooks are on sale. You may order your yearbook online at or by sending an order form to school. Order forms are also available on the school website, You may pay at school by cash, check or money order. Checks need to be payable to BPS. Yearbooks are $25 until January and then the price will increase to $35. All personalization must be purchased by December 15th. If you have any questions, please email Adriane Work at




Due to the rain this week, the Bethany Fire Wagon has been rescheduled for the ECC for Tuesday, Oct. 31st from 8:45-1:00. This is a great program that teaches students about fire and chemical safety in the home, so we hope your child will be present for this lesson provided by the Bethany Fire Department.






We need Box Tops more than ever! Ask your friends, family, and neighbors to help save box tops for our school!!


Please use the form that was sent home in saddle bags to collect box tops! Extra forms are in the front office.


Double check your box tops to make sure they are not expired. We don’t get credit for expired box tops.


Bonus box tops need to be turned in separately (not on the form); they just have to be processed differently. Your child’s class will still get credit.


One last thing: There is a Box Top app!! It’s free and easy to use! Spread the word! Thank you so much for all that you do to make our school the best!




Bethany Elementary Box Top Committee






We are starting to see several jackets and lunchboxes in the lost and found and there are not names in them. To help us get these items back to their owners, please make sure to put names in jackets and lunchboxes. We will donate unclaimed items at the end of each month.








Each year, you have the opportunity to fill out a PTO volunteer form to let us know how you want to be involved. If you would like to save paper and complete a much easier digital version of the same form, you can click on this link. You are just a few clicks away from making a big difference in your child's school.