Distance Learning Access Information

UPDATE: April 10th, 2020

Bethany Elementary Families,

We have just completed our first week of distance learning! I can’t tell you how proud I am of our students, parents, and teachers. With so many changes in life as we know it in the past month, making these adjustments as successfully as you did is amazing. Here are just a few examples of what we have accomplished together this week. Teachers have had to learn new ways of providing instruction in just a couple of weeks and done a great job of that. Our kitchen staff has provided thousands of meals each week for any families that come through the line, and will continue to do so. Our support staff is currently working on getting students’ school supplies ready for pickup. Our English Language teachers have translated letters and made phone calls to make sure every family has the information they need to begin distance learning. Our students have also done a great job of logging in and working on their assignments. We only had 13 students not login in the first week, and we are continuing to help them. Finally, we know our parents have been very involved in helping their children at home to get logged in, remember when the next conference call may be, and assist their children when they need help. Some of you have done this for multiple children, and we can’t thank you enough for this. We have learned many things this week, and we want to provide you with some of the answers to the most commonly asked questions we have heard along the way. Here is a short list of some of those things.

  • Study Island allows families to access all the content in the program even if it hasn’t been assigned by the teachers. If your child needs more than we have assigned, click on the “OK Programs” tab for 2nd through 5th grade or the "US Programs” tab for 1st grade. Pre-K and Kindergarten students can just continue working up the levels of reading eggs as long as they would like.
  • We have learned that the internet browser you use can affect the sound and video in Study Island. If you are having problems with either of these things playing, try to switch the browser. We have found that Chrome has worked the best for most users.
  • During Zoom calls, we want to limit distractions as much as possible. We want the kids to be able to focus on the teacher and the other students while attending each session. We encourage parents to listen to the conversations (it can be very entertaining), but try to remain off screen, if possible. Please also help with siblings, pets, or other things that may distract the conversation.
  • If your child is becoming frustrated with an assignment and it is taking longer than 30-45 minutes, please have them take a break. We don’t want this to be a frustrating experience with all the other things going on around them.
  • We have also adjusted the assignments to be open on Monday and close on Sunday. We hope this provides as much flexibility within a week as possible.
  • We have a schedule for students to be able to come get their school supplies. It will take several weeks to get all the classrooms ready for pickup because we are limited on the number of people that can come and help with this each day. We have created a schedule so parents will know exactly when they can get their child’s supplies.

Pickup will be from 11:00-12:30 in the Elementary car line by the main entrance on the specific dates listed below.

  • 4/13 - Lawson, Kyzer
  • 4/14 - Barnes, Stowe, Neuenschwander
  • 4/15 - White, Summers
  • 4/16 - Digiantomasso, Carroll
  • 4/20 - Cox, Craig
  • 4/21 - Ryan, Blood
  • 4/22 - Meder, Wales, Lehman
  • 4/23 - Cook, Bell
  • 4/27 - Cochran, Brinegar
  • 4/28 - Sloan/Toler, Tikhonoff, Morris

Finally, we have put together something to remember our first week of distance learning. This video demonstrates all the hard work that has gone into making distance learning a success at BES. Enjoy.

Reuben Bellows


Earl Harris Elementary

Bethany Public Schools

UPDATE: April 2nd, 2020

Dear Bethany Elementary Families,

As I mentioned before, we will be utilizing an online program called Study Island for 1st through 5th grades for distance learning. Your teacher should be sending each student a login and password to access their Study Island account. I have also attached a guide in both English and Spanish that will help you get started. Starting on April 6th, your child will have a few lessons in Study Island to help them get comfortable with logging in and help them to become familiar with the program. If you have any questions about any assignment or login information, please email your child’s teacher and they will be able to assist you.

I also wanted you to know who you could contact if you have other questions.

For technical support, please email Mr. Forester at and Mrs. Stewart at

To ask about tutoring assistance, email Mrs. Troyer at

For EL assistance and language questions, contact Mrs. Ferguson at

For counseling services, email Mrs. Hance at

For all other inquiries, email Mr. Bellows at or Mrs. Donley at

Response times should be within 24 hours. If you have not received a response within 24 hours, please call 405-789-6673 to make sure we received your email. We want to be available to help in any way we can.

Reuben Bellows


Earl Harris Elementary School

Bethany Public Schools