• Breakfast - Full Price: $1.30-Elementary, $1.40-Secondary; Adult: $1.70
  • Breakfast - Reduced: $0.30; 
  • Lunch - Full Price: $2.25 Elementary, $2.50 Secondary; Adult $3.35
  • Lunch - Reduced: $0.40; 
  • Adult Holiday Meal: $4.00

REMEMBER: Free/Reduced lunch applications are available from your cafeteria manager.

Tips for Getting Kids to Eat More Fruits and Vegetables
  • Trying is believing. Sometimes a child will love a new fruit or vegetable the first time they try it. Ask them to try at least one bit; if they don't like it, move on to another type of fruit or vegetable. Forcing them to eat soemthing they don't like will only create a bad association with that food.
  • Seeing is believing. Children learn many of their behaviors from watching older siblings and adults. Modeling healthy eating habits is a good way to make sure kids develop good habits.
  • Offer choices. When it comes to serving fruits and vegetables, offer kids two to three different types. Choosing which fruit or vegetable to eat allows the kids to make decisions and exercise power.
  • Make it easy. When kids come home hungry after school or from playing outside, chances are they will grab the most convenient item. Make fruits and vegetables easily accessible by placing them in spots where kids will see them first.
  • Make it fun. Present kids with cut up fruits and vegetables, and then let them create funny faces or animals. While creating their masterpieces, they are likely to snack on their building materials.
  • Kids like ot eat what they make. Kids are more likely to try something they've helped prepare. To get your kids interested in cooking have them help find recipes to try.


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