Welcome to the Special Services Website

6721 NW 42nd Street
Bethany, OK  73008
(405) 499-4611


Tim Haws, Chief Operations Officer


Debbie Shay, Administrative Assistant


Special Services is responsible for providing support services to students, their parents and their teachers. Programs included under Special Services include Special Education, Title I, Title II, Title III, Title V, Title VII, Oklahoma Parents as Teachers, Medicaid, and E-Rate.

Some highlights of Special Services are:

  • Our speech/language pathology department sponsors a statewide conference focused on providing up to date best practices.

  • Our district clinic is staffed with two nurses who provide medical support for BPS students.

  • School wide Title I programs at the elementary and middle school.

  • Professional development concentrating on curriculum aligned with Oklahoma Academic Standards.

  • Professional Development concentrating on curriculum aligned with Priority Academic Student Skills (PASS) Standards

  • Our department works with the Universal Service Administrative Company to provide student access to Internet resources.

  • Our district Maternal, Infant, and Earyl Childhood Home Visiting Program (MIECHV) enhances state efforts to deliver high quality support for healthy child development and school readiness.


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